Kristin Hurley Photographer | Wedding Photographer Promo Film | WV Video Production

"Wedding photography is my passion.  I'm always looking for the best pose, the right light, the candid moments that are going to last a lifetime." We were incredibly flattered when Kristin came to us to produce her promo film.  We've known Kristin and her family for years.  In addition to being one of the most kind, well spoken, and caring people (90% of the time when we see her, she is volunteering with the children's ministries at church), she is a talented and accomplished wedding photographer in West Virginia. Kristin has been kind enough in the past to allow us the use of several of her images here on our website for blog posts. I feel like I'm always going to Kristin for these images [...]

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Blended Reality | Band Demo Video | WV Video Production

Coming to you from Southwestern PA, Blended Reality Band brings a very diverse & relevant vibe to the music and performance industry. Mixing crisp family vocals from the pop culture of today with some of the greatest hits of yesterday, Riley, Mack and Ty deliver a dynamic, high energy performance. We worked with Blended Reality to produce some demo videos of some of their favorite cover tunes and a few of their original songs as well. Have some demos that you're ready to record?  Contact us today to talk about how to make it happen!

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CRC Christmas | O Come Emmanuel | WV Church Video Production

Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown WV holds a series of stunning Christmas Eve Services each Christmas Season.  This year they wanted a custom video piece to play in conjunction with one of their special music selections. CRC was looking for a visual component that combined both the song lyrics with local images to accent the universality of "God with us.".  WV Motionworks included images of Morgantown WV with a graphic element to display the lyrics as the song was performed live during services. Special thanks to our rockstar graphics guy, Dan Pauley, for all of his work on this piece. Interested in how we can help create some custom video pieces for your church?  Contact us today to start the conversation.

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Beautifully Broken | CRC Easter Video | WV Video Church Production

We created this piece for use Chestnut Ridge Church's Easter services in 2017.  They were looking for an edgy alternative to this spoken word testimony.  This video made a powerful addition to the special music selection during services, and provided a great piece of content to share on social media.

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Footprints | A Farm Story | PA Commercial Video

We knew as soon as we walked into the farmhouse and met Jeremy and Ellen that they were a special family. Along with their kids (Elsie, Isaac and Hannah) and their dog Patch, they run a small family farm called "Footprints Farm". What's really special about Footprints is that they use no chemicals, no fertilizer, no animal medication, and no motorized machinery on the fields; Jeremy uses draft horses for all of the farming. It's true traditional farming. They love each other, love their animals, and love the land. Soundtrack is "Flicker" by Sunbeam, licensed through This film was created as part of the "Storytelling the Stillmotion way" contest sponsored by Vimeo.

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