12 02, 2022

2022 Black and White Film Developing Workshop

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2022 Black and White Film Developing Workshop March 26, 8am - 5pm 304 Collective, 700 Morgantown Ave, Fairmont Chris Moran of the 304 Collective will teach one a one day workshop on the basics of black and white film developing and printing. This class will also serve as an orientation for those who wish to continue using the 304 Collective darkroom on their own. On Saturday, March 26 from 8am-5pm, students will learn to develop their own film.  Everyone is encouraged to shoot a roll of black and white film prior to the class and bring it with them to develop.  Following a lunch break (lunch included) Chris will teach the basics of black and white printmaking. in the 304 Collective Darkroom. Everyone will make [...]

8 04, 2021

A Pinterest Workflow for Wedding Vendors and Creatives

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Pinterest now matches with Instagram for referrals on my wedding brand.  What's more, those referrals are spending more time on my site and converting to clients at a slightly higher percentage than Instagram.  I wanted to share my workflow tips on how to add Pinterest to your marketing plan. These are all entirely organic recommendations - I know very little about placing ads on Pinterest, so you won't find that information here.  This is all about establishing your Pinterest account and getting your content out there. First, we need to rethink how we see Pinterest.  Pinterest is NOT another social media channel, it is a search engine.  A powerfully optimized search engine.  If you're a wedding professional, it's one that our clients already heavily use [...]

25 02, 2021

How to Prepare and Plan for your Branding Photography Session – Guest Post by Chelsey Rocha

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Have you ever scrolled over to one of your favorite businesses Instagram and just paused in awe of how ‘put together’ their feed looked? Chances are they probably have a strong sense of their brand and have properly executed a branding session with a professional photographer. 

27 11, 2020

EARTH | Modern & Neutral Marketing Template for Wedding Videographers

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Super excited to share our newest template with you all! EARTH | Wedding Videographer Marketing Template EARTH is a modern and neutral marketing template for wedding videographers.  This template includes all the resources you need to have a professional piece of marketing material in just minutes. Purchase EARTH Wedding Videographer Template Template is created in Canva, an easy to use design platform for non-designers.  No memberships, subscriptions, or software purchases are needed to customize and use this template.  Drag and drop your own images to customize, click and update the text, and you're ready to print or email your new guide to couples! All images have been landscape oriented to allow for easy replacement for video still frames.  The professionally written copy is designed with [...]