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Your Wedding is Not a Production | WV Documentary Wedding Video

Second to cost, the other reason we hear when couples are debating whether to book a video for their wedding is experience.  Either one of their friends or family shared a bad experience with a videographer, or they were a guest at a wedding and witnesses intrusive or unprofessional behavior.

“My cousin hired a videographer and they came to the wedding in shorts and an ugly t-shirt”

“At my sister’s wedding, the video team stood in front of the family.  We couldn’t even see when they exchanged their vows!”

The worst (yet most common of all):

“The videographer was super late.  We couldn’t get them to respond to email or return a phone call.  We were worried that they wouldn’t show up, and still haven’t seen our wedding video!”

When we talk to couples about our filmmaking process, we stress that a high-quality video is only half of what we do.  The other half of our product is an exemplary client experience.

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Photo by Lisa Blume Photography

This is not just any day.  This is your wedding day.  One of the happiest (and maybe also one of the most stressful) days of your life. You don’t need someone stomping around, turning your day into a film set, where you’re told what to say and how to move.  You definitely don’t need a vendor who is making the day all about them, a vendor who isn’t a team player, or a vendor who doesn’t respect the importance of this day.

At MotionWorks, we understand that your experience of the events on your actual wedding day is even more important than the video we make for you. 

When we’re talking to couples (or their parents) we hear the horror stories.  It’s why we don’t get offended when someone asks what we will wear to the wedding.  Or asks where we’ll stand during the ceremony.  It’s why we’re understanding and cooperative when churches have rules.  We know those rules aren’t arbitrary, and that they were likely put into place because someone behaved so disruptively during a wedding that a rule had to be made.

We Work as a Team

We’re used to being a team.  Years of marriage taught us a lot about teamwork.  We run our business as a team.  We also shoot your wedding day as a team.  Not just as a video team, but as a team player with all of your vendors.

We’ll be in contact with your planner and photographer well before your wedding day to discuss details and timeline for the day.  We’ll reach out to your band, DJ, and venue to make sure that we’re aware of any rules and arrange for great sound recordings.  On the day of your wedding, we’ll work with the other vendors to give you the best day possible.  We’ll be your photographer’s best friend all day, so that we can work together to capture the moments we both need and you won’t have to do anything twice.*

Except kissing.  There may be lots of extra kissing and cuddling, but not because we won’t cooperate.  Just because it’s your wedding day.  Kiss and cuddle away.

We Plan In Advance

Planning is a huge part of our filmmaking process.  You know that it takes a lot of planning to pull off a wedding.  You’ve been planning for months.  We’re not about to just show up on your day and figure things out.  We have a consistent plan of action (and back up plans) that we use for almost every wedding.  We find out the details of your day well before your wedding day, and show up prepared, with all of the information needed.

We attend rehearsal (even when we’ve filmed at your venue a dozen of times already) to get familiar with your wedding party and family.  We show up early.

We Respect Your Wedding Day

Whether you’re having a sacred ceremony in your family’s church, or a secular event in a backyard, your wedding ceremony is important.  We develop our plan of action to fully cover your ceremony (and all other parts of your day) without disturbing you or your friends and family.  We are careful to limit our movements as to not create distractions.

Sometimes this means even bringing an extra assistant with us so that we don’t have to move during the ceremony if your venue is difficult to move around in.  We think of everything right down to the shoes we wear so that we can move quietly (when needed).  We will never stand in the aisle between the couple upon entrances.

We work with your photographer to capture entrances and exits artfully.  We use long lenses so that we can stand far away, but on video, it will feel like we’re part of the action.

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Photo by Kristin Hurley Photography

At MotionWorks, we are really intentional about capturing the moments that matter.  When you watch your film, we want you to remember the authentic emotions of your wedding day.  Pretty clips of couples running toward each other in slow motion are lovely to look at, but the last thing we want to do is stage a moment where you’re going to watch your film and feel the awkwardness of an inauthentic moment.

Your Authentic Wedding Video

If you’d like to talk more about our filmmaking process or check to see if we’re available to film your wedding, fill out our simple inquiry form.  You can expect to hear back from us within 48 hours.  We look forward to hearing all about your wedding and sharing our enthusiasm for creating a great video for you!

Cover photo by Kristin Hurley Photography.



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