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Big List of Questions: What You Get (Your Wedding Film)

Next up on our list of answers to some questions that you might have (that you should be asking) of all of your vendors is “What do you get?”. What are the actual tangibles you will receive for your investment in your wedding film with WV Motionworks, and when will you get them?

So first, you get us.  From your rehearsal until everything is winding down at the reception (if you’re doing a send off, we stay until the end….otherwise we’ll check in with you and leave once we’ve captured all the events of the reception).  Sometimes we get asked if we can cut our price and be there for fewer hours.  Sadly, our answer to this is no.  Because we aren’t just there to hear the vows and record how good you look.  We want to tell your story, and so much of that happens before you ever set foot in the aisle.  We also get asked if it costs extra for us to come to your rehearsal or to the rehearsal dinner, and we’re happy to say that, nope.  Nothing extra.  If you have a rehearsal, we want to be there.  We want to know what the plans are for your ceremony so that we can capture every moment from the best angle.  It’s also an opportunity for your friends and family to see us and get familiar with us, so things don’t feel as weird on the wedding day.  As for the rehearsal dinner, we leave that up to you.  Some couples just want a small, private event with friends and family.  Others have askedYour Wedding Film if we couple come and record the toasts, speeches, and kind words shared over dinner.  Sometimes those things even make it into the final film (much of The Story of We Do opening was from the rehearsal dinner).

How long will it take?  Then comes the hard part: the wait.  The worst part about video is how long the editing process takes (it’s generally between 30-40 hours for each highlight film). There are a million little details that go into your film to make it just right before we share it with you.  Our contract specifies that we have 12 weeks to create your film; we always try to get it to you well before that, as soon as we can depending on our schedule.   For the in between, we love to post screenshots, sneak peeks, and little snippets on our social media pages, so be sure that you are following us on Facebook and Instagram to catch glimpses of your day!

Once we have your film complete, we send you a version to preview, then wait for your okay to publish it on our social media and website.  From there it’s all yours to share with friends and family.  We will package it all up for you on USB, DVD or Blu-ray and deliver it in an engraved keepsake case (along with a box of other goodies, which I’m not going to share so I don’t spoil your surprise)! We also include a documentary edit of the toasts and speeches that are given at the reception.

What about our ceremony?  You get that too!  We know that as much as our couples love those cinematic, emotional, short and sharable films, they also want to preserve the entire ceremony on video.  This is a straight, documentary edit that shows every bit of your ceremony, from walking down the aisle until you leave the church.

Can we pick the music?  We want to use our favorite song or first dance!  Well….as nicely as I can say it….no.  With good reason though!  Wedding Video First DanceMost people don’t realize that buying a song on iTunes doesn’t give you permission to use it as a soundtrack.  It’s actually not legal, and some wedding filmmakers have been sued and had their films taken down.  We definitely don’t want that to happen to your wedding film.

The good news is that we do have a huge selection of music to choose from, and we start narrowing them down when we get your client questionnaire, then start really listening after your wedding, once the story of your day is clear.  So far, we’ve never had anyone who got their film and didn’t like the music.  The other benefit is that your soundtrack will be unique and beautiful.  You won’t get tired of hearing it on the radio, you won’t know 5 other couples with their wedding set to the same song, and no one is going to make a spoof of that soundtrack next year.

The cost of licensing is included in your package price, and it covers not just your physical copies, but also the ability to share your film on social media, with your friends and family.

What if I want a copy for my parents?  Just let us know.  They won’t get it in a fancy engraved keepsake case, but we’re happy to make copies for family members (within reason).

What are the specifics of the highlight film?  We usually say it’s a 3-5 minute film, but often find that sometimes they go just a smidge longer that than.  We can’t guarantee a certain length; it’s as long as it needs to be to tell your story.  One of the things that sets our films apart is that we like to use audio from your day: toasts, speeches, vows, things you say during the first look (if you choose to do one) or during an exchange of gifts, or sometimes just the things you say while getting ready.  These things are what make the day special.

What we won’t do is interview you, or have you read things out loud (unless you’re already doing that) or otherwise stage moments or direct the day.

We want to capture authentic moments, and when you watch your film we want you to remember the real emotions of the day (not, “Oh, here is when they made me read that letter”).

Can I have the raw footage?  Again, as nicely as I can say it, no.  Honestly, you don’t want it. We are very intentional about the shots we take, but if you watch our films, you’ll notice that we focus on a sequence of events.  So there’s a lot of hurry up and wait while filming.  I may film a hallway waiting for you to walk through for a few minutes, film a path waiting to see your feet in your wedding shoes.  While we capture events as they happen, we film establishing shots on our own, and we can be a bit particular about them.  I may film your dress 7 different times, each shot almost the same, except that last time the sun decides to pop out and give me the light I was looking for.  We also don’t film everything, all of the time.  You get 10 seconds here and 15 there (until the ceremony) and it’s not really something you can sit down and just watch.  In fact, that’s one of the things you pay US to do; wade though those hours of footage and pick out the good parts.  Not to be overly technical, but we also shoot with some camera settings that don’t look so great straight out of the camera.  These settings allow us to do a lot more when we’re editing but they look pretty flat and boring until we’ve worked with them.

What if we don’t like it?  We do everything in our power to make sure that you will.  That’s why we get to know you, that’s why we plan so much before your wedding.  It’s why we spend so long in editing, to carefully craft the real story of your day.  The one you will love.  So far, this isn’t something we’ve had to deal with, but it is a question we’ve been asked when reviewing our contract.  To that, we always reply

“Have you watched our films?  Do you like our films?”

We are confident that the film we make for you will be same caliber of all our other films (except maybe a little better, we’re always trying to improve and do each thing a little better than the last).  If you watch our films and think “Well, I sort of like it.  But I really like this other company, can you make it like that?”….then we’re going to refer you to that other company.  Because we want you to be happy, and we know that what we do isn’t for everyone, and we’re okay with that.  If you’ve been watching our films and love our style though, you’re going to love your wedding film.  Contact us today and learn how to make it happen!




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