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Yes to Love (Stories)

As an allied vendor, we tried to spend Pride month being just that: allied and supportive.  We comb through our website and marketing material to do a little check to be sure that we are not excluding anyone with our language or our imagery.  We always find things we need to work on.  We’re far from perfect, always learning, and just doing our best to be sure that our website and social media reflect our hearts.

We Tell Stories of People In Love

That’s it.  No strings attached, no stipulations.  No ideal couples, no models.  Just regular humans and their regular yet fantastic and wonderful love stories.

We want to tell more of those love stories.  We know that sometimes our products are not within the reach of everyone.  Specifically, we know that while more and more of our couples pay for some or all of their own wedding, within the LGBTQ community it is much more likely for a couple to finance their own wedding (and finance their own life, in general).

We also watched as our community was torn apart last year over the passage of an ordinance instating a Human Rights Commission for our town.  I absolutely can’t understand how anyone could be against human rights for others.  The ordinance passed but the things said by some people I used to respect hurt my heart.  I know they hurt a lot of others who experience that hurt in a much more real way than just the empathy through which I experience it.

So we want to use this Pride month as a point to start giving back.  To put some good feelings out into the world to counteract some of that ugliness and hurt.  And we want to do it for free, with no strings attached. We want to start giving away a free Love Story film to an LGBTQ couple.  We’re calling it Yes to Love (Stories).  At least once a year, starting right now.  🙂  Maybe more often if we can make it happen.

Yes to Love (Stories)

Yes to Love (Stories) is open to any engaged or married LGBTQ couple located in North Central West Virginia.  We want to tell your love story, in whatever way is most meaningful to you.

Apply for Yes to Love Stories

Maybe you had the wedding of your dreams, but you just didn’t have a video.

Maybe you’d like to announce your engagement with a video.

Maybe you’ve been planning an elopement and would like to have a video. (Sorry, we can’t yet offer this for a full wedding day, but elopements are okay!)

Maybe you just want to hang out with your spouse and your dog and tell us your story.

Maybe you want to go on a fun adventure and have us film it for you.

Maybe you’ve got a really awesome idea that I can’t conceive of because I don’t know you yet.  I want to hear it.  It can be as styled or as candid as you want it to be. It can be one fabulous event or just a regularly fabulous Tuesday.

Additionally, we will use our connections within the wedding industry to help with all any other aspects of your love story that we can.

wv LGBTQ love story
Photo by Amberlee Christey Photography
The Fine Print:
Yes to Love (Stories) is open to any engaged or married LGBTQ couple located in NCWV.  Film date for this round of the giveaway must take place in 2019, filming location must be in NCWV.  There are no opt-ins or required model releases.  This is your love story to share (or not share) as you see fit.  The couple will be randomly selected on July 17th, and notified via email. Both individuals must be 18 years of age.

Apply for Yes to Love Stories

We can’t wait to work with some awesome new couples in love.  If you’re interested in a full Highlight video for your wedding, we’d love to talk to you about that as well.  Contact us today to start the conversation about your one-of-a-kind wedding film!


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