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There are certain times in a child’s life where you see immense life change.  Times when they are growing too fast to keep up with, when maturity visibly changes them from the child they were yesterday into the child they are today.  A child’s first birthday. The first day of kindergarten.  The senior year of high school.  Culturally, we recognize and celebrate these moments.

Lifestyle FilmIf you’re a parent, you spot some moments in between as well.  The biggest ‘in between’ moment of a child’s life is undoubtedly middle school.  This handful of years when a child is not a little kid, but they aren’t quite a young adult either.  A time when their friendships change from this all out unreserved love to something a little more guarded and precious.

Cecelia went to middle school this year.  She has half a dozen ‘best friends’.  They have a million nicknames for each other.  They coordinate outfits.  They laugh at everything.  They are open, unabashed, and free.

We wanted to get together and capture some of that.  We wanted to capture this in between moment of life before she starts to get the idea that she’s too grown up to play.  Knowing how she likes to make things fancy, I told her that I wanted them to have natural hair and faces, but I let her choose the clothes and jewelry.

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This is the 2nd in a personal photography series I’ve been doing documenting Cecelia’s middle school years, and I decided to include a little bit of video with this one.

Want to talk to us about how you can capture moments like this to tell your family’s story?  Contact us today to start the conversation about making your film happen!

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