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Wonder Women at the Energy Innovation Center | Pittsburgh Wedding Video

This editorial shoot was planned and completed in the early winter of 2020, before everything in the US shut down for the pandemic.  People were beginning to talk that we might be in for something very serious, but we had no idea.  This was the last truly carefree event that we filmed; the last time we didn’t have to wear masks, or carefully distance.  The last thing that didn’t get cancelled or rescheduled or completely changed from its original vision.

It was scheduled for publication, and the publication also spent the year being rescheduled, so we had to keep all the details under wraps.  We finally get to share, and it’s been so nice to look back on these beautiful details and remember what a great day we had.

This concept is was the creation of Alisha Faith Photography and Julie Renee Events.  Alisha and I previously had attended a Burgh Brides event at the Energy Innovation Center and fell in love with the venue.  In addition to the amazing architectural details and giant, light filled window of the main event space, the hallways leading to the space are a thoughtful throwback to the industrial design of the building.  A bright collection of pipes supply the heat, plumbing, and electric to the building, but their colorful coverings make their presence feel inspired instead of cluttered.

Bold, Colorful, LGBTQ+ Pittsburgh Wedding

Alisha drew inspiration from those colors (and her love of superhero movies, namely the new Wonder Woman movie) to create a bright, colorful, celebration of love.  After deciding on a theme, Alisha and Julie worked to find vendors to bring their vision to life.

With Love Daily Stationary designed an invitation suite, backdrop, and signage for the event.  From there, Alisha and Julie were able to select rentals from Eventioneers and The Mustard Couch to compliment that design.

Having the right florals can take any event from ordinary to spectacular, and having Paulette with Posy on board did just that.  A self described “floral badass with a loose, freeform, and uncontained style” was just what was needed to make everything unforgettable.  She is as fun to spend time with as she is talented, and it was an honor watching her create all of the arrangements (especially that floral waterfall for the head table!)

Finally, finding the perfect couple.  One of the reasons that I love working with Alisha Faith Photography is that she shares my firm belief that real couples make the best ‘models’ for even editorial work.  Katie and Jess are fabulous examples of strong, “Wonder” women.  They were so much fun to get to know and work with all day.  Just like on a wedding day, anyone wants to feel a little pampered and styled before stepping in front of the cameras, and Clare with See Jane Blush and Jenna with Jenna Loves Your Hair crafted both a gorgeous look and a great hair and makeup experience.  Finally, Dania with One White Lane Bridal Gallery brought along some killer wedding styles to round out the look.  Her brilliant seamstress, Bettina, was on hand to be sure everything fit just right.  Little details like that make everything go so smoothly and look amazing.

two brides, one in a white and black tux, one in an off the shoulder white gown, holding hands in the colorful industrial hallway at the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh PA

Rounding out the day were a couple of sweet treats to compliment the theme.  Wedding Cakes by Colby provided a 3 tier masterpiece with gold accents, and Love at First Bite cooked up a colorful collection of goodies (which we got to sample at the end of the day, and I can assure you, they were GOOD!)

colorful collection of wedding cookies on a black and gold plate, we do wedding cookies

Winter Wedding Smoke Bombs

One of my favorite parts of the day were sneaking outside for some colorful smoke bombs!  If you’ve ever worked with this, there are a TON of considerations to make them happen.  They are incendiary devices (even the cool ones) so you have to find safe surroundings with nothing to catch fire should they malfunction (and safe disposal).  They can stain both clothes and buildings, so you’ve got to protect their surrounds and make sure you’re not too close to anything.  If you don’t have enough wind, the smoke just sits in a smudgy clump and you can’t see your models….if you have too much, the colorful smoke flies away before you can capture it.  And you have less than 60 seconds of magic to capture.

It was a VERY cold day, so in addition to the short timing of the smoke bombs, none of us wanted to be outside for very long, especially our two brave models in wedding wear!  It was also pretty windy, so we had to find a location that sheltered us somewhat from the wind and weather (snow/sleet throughout the day).  While the EIC has a gorgeous rooftop, it was not going to work for smoke bombs.  Luckily, we found a loading dock back door into the alley, which had no cars, and allowed us just the right amount of shelter and time to get things done.  Alisha and I left our models just inside while we set things up, then brought them out just long enough to bring out the magic!

To make it happen, we needed the help of every vendor. Everyone bundled up in their coats and was responsible for one smoke bomb.  I couldn’t help but pull a few clips together for a fun “behind the scenes” look into making it happen!

Pittsburgh Wedding Vendor Team

Venue: Energy Innovation Center
Event Planner: Julie Renee Events
Photographer: Alisha Faith Photography
Videographer: MotionWorks Weddings
Gowns/Tuxedo: One White Lane Bridal Gallery
Florist: Posy Florals & Events 
Styling Stationary: With Love Daily Stationary
Hair: Jenna Loves Your Hair
Make-Up: See Jane Blush
Cake: Wedding Cakes by Colby
Cookies: Love At First Bite WV
Rentals: Eventioneers/The Mustard Couch
Backdrop: Flower City Print Makers/With Love Daily Stationary

two brides smiling and laughing, celebrating their wedding with a confetti toss, lgbtq wedding

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