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Wedding Wednesdays LIVE | WV Wedding Video

So, how funny is it that two people who spend so much time working behind the camera, capturing stories for other people, are SO bad at getting in front of the camera?  Well, we are.  That’s us.

I recently spent a day with Ashton Kelly & Jessica Hunt as they coerced me into being in front of the camera for some branding photos.  These two ladies are awesome professionals.  The whole shoot started with me sharing all the things I hate about photos, and them going, “Okay.  We can work with that.”

Chris totally missed out on all that craziness but HAS agreed to join me for some weekly Facebook Live sessions as we talk about some of our favorite things related to wedding videos.

Why should you watch?  Well for one, we’re laughably awkward.  We totally own that and just go with it.

Second, we’re going to share all of our best tips on how to find a great videographer and end up with a wedding video that you absolutely adore and watch over and over for years to come.  We’re also going to share some great insider secrets on how to have a super enjoyable wedding day experience, how to step outside the Pinterest mold and make your wedding one that tells your story, and share some insight about local venues & vendors that we’ve connected with after years of filming weddings right here in West Virginia!

So, why are we doing it? Why are two people who don’t love being in front of the camera doing a Facebook Live? Because we love weddings! We love weddings, and we want everyone to have a good one. Even if you decide you don’t want a wedding video, or don’t want a Motionworks wedding video, we want couples to have the best day ever, on their own terms. If our years of experience in the wedding industry can help, then we’d like to share what we’ve learned, and hopefully have some fun along the way.

If you’ve got a question about weddings or video that you’d love to hear our input on, leave it below in the comments, and I hope you’ll join us Wednesday at 7pm!

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