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Wedding Venue Spotlight: The Greenbrier

We are so lucky that we get to shoot weddings (and enjoy) some of the most fabulous locations in our area, and we want to share them with you!

First up on our list of awesome places to have your wedding is The Greenbrier.  Recently listed by Brides Magazine as one of the best wedding venues in America, it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, luxurious, and carefree places to have your wedding. Those of us who live in West Virginia don’t often think of our state as “The South”, but The Greenbrier could have written the book on southern hospitality.  From the spiffy uniformed doormen and to afternoon tea, to the chocolates and turn down service at night, the entire experience you and your guests will receive at The Greenbrier is unrivaled in terms of graciousness.

If you’re a history buff (like me) the hotel has a long and fascinating history to explore.  Your photo and video team will love you for making their job so easy, because beauty is everywhere.  Following WWII, Dorthy Draper was hired to do a redesign of the hotel, and her use of bright and vibrant colors carries on throughout the design today.  It’s pretty stunning, in every direction.

The newest addition to the Greenbrier Property is the Chapel.  My favorite part about the chapel is that it doesn’t look ‘new’.  It was so well designed to fit with the Greenbrier image, and they took care to work around the old trees that it appears to have always been a part of the property.  Having visited The Greenbrier both before and after the addition of the chapel, I was so impressed with how well it’s just nestled into the center of everything.

While The Greenbrier does have it’s own distinctive look; none of the weddings we’ve shot there have looked the same.  They offer such a variety of both ceremony and reception locations that you can find a space on property to fit just about any look or personality, and the planning team are absolute professionals at helping to create the look and feel for the perfect wedding (not to mention getting the whole day timed just right!).

Lastly, there are enough activities for you and your guests to take your wedding weekend to the next level. We have been lucky enough not to just shoot weddings at The Greenbrier, but also to vacation their with our own family, and we never run out of things to do.  My personal favorites are the afternoon tea, fried green tomato sliders (if they are on the menu at the Lobby Bar…get them!), wandering down the hallways and always finding a beautiful and deserted nook to explore, and waking up early enough to see the morning mist still drifting through the valley.

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