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Video for Photographers Workshop – 2018 Edition

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The great thing about having such a huge local network of creatives is that we are constantly surrounded by talented people.  So often, when we’re working with talented photographers, they mention that they would love to try video, but are just so overwhelmed with getting started.

It’s daunting.

I mean, your camera can do it.  You already know how to compose a good shot, how to spot important moments, but where do you even begin? Once you’ve got some video clips, what in the world do you do with them?

Well, that’s where we come in.  We’re always happy to share knowledge with other creatives, and after years of answering questions on the fly (usually while we’re all busy working) and in private messages and emails, we thought it would be fun to get a little group together and share all that knowledge all at once, in a hands on, learn it as you do it format.

Video for Photographers Workshop

On February 10, we are offering our second annual Video for Photographer workshop from 9:00AM-4:00PM at our studio in Fairmont, WV.  This workshop is limited to just 10 seats, so you’re sure to have plenty of one on one attention and help with getting your camera set up. We’ll also bring some extras of what we consider to be some of the essential tools for video, so that you can try things out and decide if they are something you’d like to invest in for your own kit.

We’ll start the day off going through our workbook (which you will get to keep as a resource) and getting our cameras set for video.  As we work through each setting, we’ll talk about why we choose the setting, what the other options are, and when you may want to use them. Then we’ll talk about (and practice) some simple camera stabilization techniques and discuss the basics of filmmaking.

Then the real fun begins! We’ll head out and spend about an hour shooting, break for lunch, and head back to the studio. From there we’ll talk file management, and go over our process for editing.

This workshop will give you a jump start into filmmaking, resources to do more in the future, and the confidence to start making small films for your own family, behind the scenes clips from your own sessions and styled shoots, or some short promos for your own business.

What you’ll need for the class: a DSLR or mirrorless camera with video capabilities (if you’re not sure, just send me an email before registering), a neck strap, and memory card that is at least 32g (45m/s). A laptop is optional (bring it if you have it and want to practice editing on your own machine).

We also know that as valuable as education is, it’s hard to find those funds in the budget, so we are keeping this workshop very affordable.  Total cost for the day is $300.   Lunch (from a local favorite) is included in your workshop price. Video for Photographers Workshop

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