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If it’s one thing we’re passionate about, it’s telling your story.  The WHOLE story.  Sometimes that can’t be contained in just one day.  If you have events outside of your actual wedding day, we are down to film them!

Let’s talk about a few ways our couples have used our extra day add ons and the difference it can make in your wedding film.

Multi-Day Weddings

If your wedding celebration will span multiple days, make sure your videographer is there to film all of the important moments!  From cultural and faith traditions that have events spread over several days, to the new “3-Day Wedding” trend, we are here for it all.

Rehearsal Dinner Video Coverage

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is hosted by the groom’s parents.  For modern weddings couples often plan and host their own wedding from beginning to end, but the rehearsal dinner is often just as meaningful as the wedding reception.  This is a great opportunity to allow more of your family members to toast the couple, and some of our favorite soundbite moments have come from these toasts.

Adding rehearsal dinner video coverage gives us more great content to use for your wedding film.  It also allows us to capture your friends and family as they are gathering, catching up with one another, and enjoying the very start of your wedding weekend.

Rehearsal Dinner Video Coverage

Welcome Party Video Coverage

We are seeing more and more welcome parties added to the wedding timeline, and they are some of my favorite events.  Some of these are replacing the rehearsal dinner entirely, some begin just after the dinner and offer desserts and cocktails to all of the guests.  Welcome parties are hugely popular with our destination weddings, but they are great events any time you have friends and family who are not local traveling to your wedding.  The casual, fun atmosphere is both fun for your guests and a great addition to your wedding video.

Wedding Adventure Video Coverage

Just like the welcome party, anytime you have a guests traveling to join you for your wedding day, it can be fun to plan activities before or after the wedding day to allow everyone time to be together.  It’s the togetherness that matters, but having something to do just adds to the fun.  It also makes for great video.

We’ve filmed golf outings, pool parties, fishing trips, clay shooting, yoga sessions, 5k races that include the entire wedding party, and some wild experiences like falconry or UTVs.  We’ve also covered beautiful luncheons with gorgeous details, laidback bonfires, hikes through the wilderness, and exploring new cities.

One of the common questions we get from couples when adding an extra day is whether they will get a longer film.  The answer is usually yes!  Our Highlight films are 3-5 minutes in length, and the ones that add on extra days are often just a bit longer.  The reason we allow for this flexibility in length of your film is that we want to make a beautiful, compelling film that draws you in from the opening clip until the very end.  We never want to add in “filler” material just to hit a mark on the clock.

We do want to include every awesome moment from your wedding, and the more time we spend with you, the more of those moments we are able to capture and include.

When adding extra days to your wedding film package, this also includes a documentary edit of any speeches or toasts given at events that we cover, right alongside the documentary edit of your wedding ceremony and reception toasts (already included in all of our packages).

Here is one of our favorite films from Calyn and Brian’s wedding.  They hosted a fabulous weekend for their guests, which included a  pool party and 4th of July BBQ and Fireworks on Day 1, Golf, Clay Shoot and Bridal Luncheon, followed by Rehearsal Dinner and Welcome Party on Day 2, and finally, their wedding Ceremony and Reception on Day 3.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The last thing we want any couple to do is add things to their wedding day because they might “make for a good video”.  Plan a day that you are going to enjoy with your friends and family.  We’ll make a great video (whether that includes extra days or not).  Be sure that any activity you plan is one you enjoy anytime, or something new you’ve always wanted to do.  

Sometimes couples will watch our videos and want to include too many of their favorite activities on the actual wedding day.  Your timeline may allow for this.  Or you may find that adding activities on the day of your ceremony leaves everyone rushed and harried.  Scheduling fun activities for the day before or after the wedding allows for more fun no matter what the timeline of your day is.

No matter if you’re planning a crazy adventure, an upscale welcome event, or a laidback gathering with family and friends, MotionWorks Wedding Films is ready to film the fun.  Contact us today to talk about your wedding plans and how we can create a cinematic quality heirloom film to cherish for decades to come.

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