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Venue Spotlight: Stonewall Resort

We want to take a minute to review another one of the fabulous wedding venues in our beautiful home state of West Virginia: Stonewall Resort.

Stonewall Resort is located just outside Weston, right off i79, almost exactly in the center of the state.  This makes it SUPER convenient to visit.

It’s also located right on a very nice lake, which makes for a gorgeous background for a wedding and gives your guests a ton of great activities to do over the weekend.  They have this Outfitters Pass, which gives you unlimited use of the kayaks, stand up paddle boards, paddleboats, bikes, and AquaCycles, which is a great way to spend the day.  Especially if you’ve never done one of these and you just want to give it a try, it’s pretty much a no commitment way to do it.  We love to kayak, but have always been afraid to try stand up paddle boards because we were worried we wouldn’t like it or be able to do and and have wasted a bunch of money (most places charge per hour).  In case you’re like us, let me just share that they are SUPER easy.  Neither Chris nor I are known for our coordination or skilled athleticism and we had a great time on them, our 11 year old is basically a pro. It’s also pretty easy to get back on them from the water, which is nice on a super hot day because you can just jump in and swim a little.

Anyway, back to weddings!  It’s beautiful, the wedding planners are awesome…and I absolutely love the food there. Last time we were there, I had an amazing salad with an apple butter vinaigrette, which I think is seasonal, but if it’s on a menu, you should definitely order it.  The staff is meticulous and skilled at keeping to a timeline, so the meal is brought out at just the right time (aka, height of yumminess) which makes every wedding guest happy.  They also have a wide selection of both ceremony and reception locations on site, so you can choose a location to fit your unique personality and vision for your wedding.

I think this recent teaser from Holly & Ben’s wedding really wraps up some of the very best parts of the resort: dreamy romance plus fun and adventure!


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