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Tuesdays Together WV Instagram Photoshoot

In addition to a new studio this year, I also added a new set of responsibilities: I stepped up to lead our local Tuesdays Together chapter of the Rising Tide Society.  I have been attending the group since it first began meeting under the leadership of Callie Lindsey, and have really enjoyed both the meetings and the connections I’ve made.  When Callie made the decision to move out of the area she asked if I would step up and lead the group, and I was happy to do so knowing that our little group is full of amazing and helpful creatives.

In January, we opened our studio up to the group to come and take some stylized photos for our social media. (Industry secret – we have to constantly update our social media accounts, and in the dead of winter, sometimes we need to create some prettiness to share….it also gives us the opportunity to work on skills and create images of our own design).

Wedding Story

Everyone brought a few pretty things to play with (most notably Beth with The Mustard Couch and Allison with Paper Hearts Invitations), all I had to do was pick up a box of donuts and unlock the door. WV Wedding Videographer

We spent the morning trading items, sharing tips, and eating donuts.  My daughter came along to enjoy the day (ie, eat donuts) and sat in as a model for part of the morning.

Tuesdays Together WV

It was a great morning.  Great to spend time with people I enjoy, people who push me to be more creative and understand the struggles of a small business owner in our area, and great to see our studio space being used so well.  I’m looking forward to a lot more gatherings with this group.

wedding details

If you’re a creative entrepreneur in the Morgantown/Fairmont area, we’d love to have you join us!  There no membership fees, no references necessary, and no strings attached.  We’re welcome whether you’ve been in business for decades or whether you’re just getting started.  We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (along with other groups all around the world) and you can catch up with us on Facebook!

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