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Top 6 Wedding Trends for 2019

I had the opportunity to attend a local wedding seminar hosted by the Garrett County Wedding Professionals where a representative from The Knot shared the wedding trends they are seeing pop up for 2019.  I love looking ahead at new things, and as so many of you will spend time planning your weddings over the holiday season, I wanted to share a few of my favorite trends with you now!

Darker & Moodier Colors

These colors started making an appearance in 2018 and will continue to dominate wedding trends in 2019.  Burgundy, navy, hunter green, and even black will be popular wedding palettes next year.

Images courtesy of Alisha Faith Photography

Surprise Entertainment

We saw a bit of this last year when Tabatha surprised Pete with an acapella rendition of one of their favorite songs performed by The Springhouse Entertainers as she walked down the aisle! Not only were the guests surprised, but the groom had no idea about this fun wedding addition until the moment it happened!

While Ben from Wed On Canvas isn’t necessarily a surprise, but he is welcome entertainment at any wedding.  His canvas IS a surprise every time you walk past!  It’s amazing to see how he transforms his canvas into a true work of art over the course of a reception.

Creative Lighting

As a videographer, this is my favorite trend to see popping up.  I love playing with light, and more creative lighting gives me more opportunity for some cool and unique looks.  We feel that appropriately lighting any reception adds instant glam to any event (and makes your video look amazing)!

Still frames from videos by MotionWorks Wedding Films

Floral Jewelry

I saw a few photos of floral necklaces come across my Instagram feed this fall, and was thrilled to hear that I might see more of this in 2019!  Both as alternatives and additions to traditional bouquets, floral jewelry is a great way to add some whimsy to your wedding day!

Experiential Favors

Favors are one of those tricky traditional holdovers that are making a rough transition into modern weddings.  Couples feel like they need to give their guests something to remember the event.  Guests feel like they already have enough tchotchkes in their lives and leave the favors behind.  Venues and planners spend time packing up the leftover favors after each wedding.

Consumable favors have been guest favorites (candy, cookies, or a bit of local flavor like a jam or honey) but new for 2019 are experiential favors.  Favors that enhance the wedding experience for your guests.  From personalized cocktail mixers to maps with local activities, these favors will not only be used by your guests but will also help them create even more memories over the wedding weekend.

Structured Dresses & Natural Makeup

Blame it on the royal wedding influence!  Both Meghan and Eugenie chose gowns that were more structured and went with a more natural look for their makeup to achieve a polished, but understated look for their weddings.  Both of those trends are going to carry over into 2019 (see how I snuck 2 trends into one there?)  Caroline nailed this look at her Greenbrier wedding this year!

These are my favorite trends (from the 19 that were shared) as presented by the Knot. What do you think? Are you likely to incorporate these into your upcoming wedding? What other things would you like to see trending in the wedding world for 2019?

2019 Wedding Must Have: VIDEO

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  • These wedding trends look so amazing and fantastic. However, I might say that in year 2019 the vintage and rustic styled wedding are in trend and couples are more likely to get their shots in vintage styled plain fields and in old houses.

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