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Top 3 Wedding Moments You NEED to Capture on Video

We love love love our photographer friends, and quality wedding photos are a MUST for your event; but there are a few things that just can not be captured in a photo.  We always sum up our reasons for having a wedding video into the Big 3: Don’t Miss It, Don’t Forget It, and Share It; but today we want to talk specifically about the moments for which you really need a video.  Though a talented photographer can capture all the emotion in a moment and tell the story with their photos, what they can not do is capture the words, the motion, and the action of the day like video can.

The First Look

Whether the first look happens as a planned experience prior to the wedding ceremony, or in the aisle at the ceremony, it’s a gorgeous moment to have on film.  We’ve had couples jump up and down and squeal “We’re getting MARRIED!”, couples who are speechless at how amazing their partner looks all dressed up, and couples who are so overwhelmed with emotion that a speechless embrace says it all.

We’ve had dads who bring their daughters to tears as they speak blessings over the day, partners who have surprised each other with their favorite song as they enter the church, and uncontrolled laughter that bubbles out of the joy of the day.

 Truly awesome first look at 1:59

Reception Toasts and Speeches

Hearing your love story through the words of those who know you best is one of the best ways to celebrate the day.  Having these stories captured on film means you will get to enjoy them again and again.  You can laugh, smile, and cry right along with all of your guests every year on your anniversary (or just on a random Tuesday, if you want) while you watch your video.

Your Wedding Vows

There are fewer words that have more power than your wedding vows.  No matter if they are custom vows written by the couple, or vows led by an officiant, pastor, or priest…these words speak life into something that has been, up until this moment, simply an idea. Often the kiss is hailed as this all-important big moment in the wedding ceremony (and it certainly is)…but let’s be real.  It’s 2018.  You’ve probably kissed quite a bit before you’re pronounced as an officially married couple! How often do you hold hands and look into the eyes of the one you love and profess your undying affection for them?  For most of us, it’s much less often (if at all).

Personally, I was completely unprepared for the wave of emotion that hit me during our wedding vows.  I’m not alone in this; so many of our couples have to take a breath, observe a pause, and wait a minute before they can even manage to say the words they’ve been planning and rehearsing.

You need a video to capture those words.  You need a video to capture that breath.  You need a video to capture the weight and emotion in that pause.

I can go on and on about the little moments during the wedding day that a video is awesome to have, but for me, the vows just seal the deal.

Wedding vows to make your heart soar at 2:49.

Those are MY reasons why I feel video is such an important investment for any wedding day.  Do you have a favorite wedding video moment?  I’d love to hear about it.

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