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Tips for a Fabulous Wedding Video

We’ve filmed weddings of every kind, from 5 Star Resorts to intimate backyards.  Some of our couples have invested in amazing florals and unbelievable tent designs, multi-day celebrations attended by family and friends from around the world, some have preferred a simple ceremony with a few of their closest companions.  None of these variables have a thing to do with having a fabulous wedding, or having a fabulous wedding video.

So what is it?  What makes a fabulous wedding video?

1.  Get on board.  Both of you. It’s really hard to make a great wedding video if one or both of the people getting married don’t want to be in a wedding video.  Trust us.  Know that we aren’t going to make you look bad.  Fill out the pre-wedding questionnaire together so we can learn about who you are, both as individuals, and together as a couple.

camera shy2.  Embrace the awkwardness.  Unless you happen to star in your own reality tv show, it’s not likely that you spend a whole day with your own personal cameraperson.  We totally get that. Frankly, if you put one of us in front of the camera, we’re the same way.  Despite the face that we use cameras with a small profile and try to adopt a ‘fly on the wall’ attitude during the day, it’s going to feel a little weird in the beginning.  That’s okay, and you’ll get used to it.  Your family and friends will too.  We try to help things along by laughing with everyone and having a good time, and I usually make a short statement at the beginning of the day along the lines of “Pretend I’m not here, unless you need something, then just ask because I’m happy to help.

Don’t pose for me, and most importantly: You’re not in my way.

Seriously, if I could wear a shirt to weddings that say “Don’t worry, you’re not in my way.” I would.  It would be super unprofessional though, so I’ll settle for telling it to every person who steps in front of the camera then scoots off apologizing.  You’re not in the way.  Your mom isn’t in the way. Your guests aren’t in the way.  You are part of the story and we want you in it.  (Your uncle Bob might be in the way if he insists on recording your entire first dance on his iPad from the center of the dance floor, but rest assured that we have no problem kindly asking him to just enjoy the day as we record the whole thing for everyone to enjoy later, or at least tastefully dancing alongside and around him to get the shots we need.

3.  Don’t worry about the content.  Seriously, there is nothing you can say or do that we haven’t seen before.  You can’t shock us.  We’re not going to judge you.  We’ve seen hangovers and blemishes, nervous tummies and nerves, overbearing mothers and uncles with no filter, wardrobe malfunctions and unpredictable weather surprises.  Not only have we filmed enough weddings to have been through it all, but we’re people with our own non-perfect lives full of moments that end up on the cutting room floor.We’re there for you, not just to record your day, but to do what we can to make it go as smoothly as possible.  We’ve sewn on buttons and zipped up dresses, ran around in the rain rescuing decor, helped keep all the vendors in the loop as to what is going on, if plans have changed, and who needs to be where.  We’re on your team.

4.  bride wedding card, wedding videoKeep us in the loop.  Sometimes, even the best planned events need a schedule change.  We understand.  We’re really good at staying connected with your planner and photographer, and this usually keeps us in the loop; but we’re sad if we miss moments that end up being important to you.  Some of these things might not be in the schedule.  You might decide to have a group prayer before everyone gets dressed….and we’ve ducked out to grab a few shots of the dress before it’s put on or the venue being set up.  Maybe your cousins that you haven’t seen in a few years are about to arrive, and it’s going to be an event to welcome them in the room.  If you decide to exchange gifts, or are taking a few moments to write out your vows or a card, we’d like to be there.  Have someone text us or wave us down.  We’re happy to change gears and come back to grab that moment.

So what do you think?  Are you ready to talk about your fabulous wedding video?  We’d love to talk.  Contact us, or feel free to leave any other questions you have in the comments!

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