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The Process of Booking a Film

I’d like to share a little bit about what happens when you click that “Book a Film” button, or reach out via our contact form. It can be intimidating to start this process, especially if you’re not sure that you’re really going to book, and it’s likely something you’ve never done before and just started looking into.

First, I want to encourage you to click that button and get some more information if it’s something you’re thinking about.  You don’t have to be sure, and we’re always happy to provide more information or chat a bit about films even if you’re not ready to make a decision.  We recognize that it is a big decision and a big investment that some couples need to budget for and save up for.  We want to provide that information to you.  So reach out.


If you click our “Book a Film” button or go to our contact page, you’ll find our inquiry form.  It’s a pretty simple form, and we just ask that you fill out as much of it as you can.  You may not have set a date yet, or have no idea what your budget it, and that’s okay.  I definitely love it if you include a phone number though, because every once in awhile someone will put a typo when entering their email address and I’ll discover that I have no way to reach a potential client.

You fill it out and click submit, and you should receive an auto-respond email in your inbox to let you know that I received what you sent.  When I fill out a web form, I like to know that my information has reached its destination, instead of just floating about, lost somewhere on the internet.  Truth be told, I can’t completely grasp exactly how the internet works, and I find it an every day miracle every time info goes from my laptop, through the air to my internet connection, then through a bunch of wires to somewhere else in the world, and probably through some more air to reach its destination, pretty much instantaneously.  So anyway, you get an automatic reply.

Within 24 hours, you’ll get a response from either Chris or myself.  We’ll let you know if we’re available for your date.  If we are, we’ll include our brochure so you can see all the details of our packages and prices.  If we’re not available, we’ll send you some information about other people to contact who might be able to help you out.

Some people decide right away that they’d like to book, and select a package right from that brochure.  Others will need more time, which we totally understand….or may find that what we offer isn’t quite what they were looking for.  Personally, I always appreciate a little note to let me know about that, because left to my own devices (ie, overthinking everything) I panic a little that my message is stuck in a spam folder.

At the beginning of the year, we switched to Honeybook as a client management system.  It’s been a really great way for us to organize all of our projects, from inquiry through the finished film.  It also makes things really easy from the client end, as we can do everything needed online, from selecting a package to signing contracts to easy payments and communication.   Honeybook also provides this really cool little video so if you’re curious as to what everything might look like and how it works, be sure to check it out.

While we CAN do everything online, we prefer to touch base with our clients offline.  If possible, we’ll set up a time to get together for coffee or ice cream.  If you’re not local, or our schedules don’t align, we can arrange a phone call.


So back to booking.  To officially book a date with MotionWorks, we require a signed contract and payment of a booking fee.  This is when we put your date on our calendar and plan on being there.  Part of how we do what we do is by really investing ourselves into the planning, filming, and editing of those films.  Over the years we’ve learned that it’s best not to begin that kind of intellectual and emotional investment until the project is a sure thing, and nothing is a sure thing without a contract and payment.

This also means that while your date may be available when you first inquire, we can not hold dates.  If you wait 6 months to complete your booking, there is no promise that we’ll still be available (in all likelihood, we will not).  We do give every inquiry a courtesy notification should anyone inquire about your date within 7 days (and clients who do respond with a firm decision-making deadline….I’ll often extend that courtesy).

If you’re not ready to book upon inquiry, that’s okay too.  After 10 days (and a few messages) we’ll just archive your inquiry. If at any point in the future you decide you would like to book, we’d be happy to hear from you.  We’ll see if your date is still available and pick up the process from there.

You inquire.  You get information.  You book.  Then what?

First off, big sigh of relief!  You’ve booked a wedding film with MotionWorks!  Check that video off your wedding planning checklist and count it as one more thing you don’t have to worry about.  You’re done!

Now our part begins. If you’ve booked far in advance, you may not hear from us for awhile.  We encourage all of our clients to follow us on social media so they can see what we’re working on, and if you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll get some great wedding tips in your inbox.  You likely won’t begin hearing from us on a regular basis until about 2 months before your wedding.  This is when we begin planning your film in earnest.  The reason we wait a bit is that so many of the details that we need to plan your film (other vendors, the timeline of the day) aren’t complete until a few months before your wedding.

While you may not hear from us, we’re always happy to hear from (and respond to) you!  If you’ve just thought of a question, or need advice on any wedding situation (even if it’s not necessarily video related) need a referral for some other vendors, or even read a horror story about someone else’s video and just need a little extra reassurance that we’re there for you, reach out!  Unless we’re actively shooting someone else’s film, we usually respond within a few hours (something you’ll appreciate when we’re filming yours, we’re focused on what’s happening in front of us, not our email or social media during filming days), and always respond within 48 hours.

Curious about how things will go on your wedding day once you’ve hired MotionWorks?  Check out our FAQ post titled “At Your Wedding” to read our answers to some common questions that we hear regarding what it looks like to add a video team to your wedding day, and why you definitely want to make that team the MotionWorks team!

If you have other questions about the booking and inquiry process, leave them in the comments or send me a message.  I’m always happy to answer them!



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