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Skyller + Mack | An April Wedding at the Grayson House | Uniontown PA Wedding Video

“With all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you.”

This year we kicked off our spring wedding marathon with Skyller and Mack at the Grayson House in Uniontown PA. So happy to be able to celebrate with them, and to film it all!
Mack and Skyller’s families have been friends forever.  They grew up together, but met up for drinks over a holiday break a few years ago, and that kicked off their romance.

Uniontown PA Wedding Video

Skyller and Mack had originally planned their wedding for 2020. The extra year gave Skyller a lot of time to make sure everything was perfectly planned.  If you’ve spend any time in the wedding industry, you know how rare it is for things to happen on time, exactly according to schedule, but Skyller had things down to a science.  This level of planning meant everyone had time to just relax and enjoy the day!  Skyller’s quarantine hobby was mastering the perfect wedding manicure, so her nails looked amazing!

Florals: Beverly Hills Florist
Stationery: Paper & Wit
DJ: The Knight Guy
Bridesmaids: The Vow Boutique

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