Stephanie + Kostaki

WV Weddings

“Love, in its essence, isn’t the feeling you get when you see each other or holding hands; it’s a disposition of our souls.”

Stephanie and Kostaki’s wedding was our first experience at a Greek wedding, and, no lie, it took our breath away. Their families have generations of history as friends, and it seems only fitting that they would “find” one another on a trip to Italy orchestrated by Stephanie’s brother (and Kostaki).

Ceremony was held at St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church; reception was held at the Bridgeport Conference Center.

St. Spyridon is a beautiful little church, and worth every early morning moment that we spent getting the sunrise timelapse intro.

Soundtrack is “All that I Needed” by Fremont, licensed through and “Accidental Fetch” by Kerry Muzzey, licensed through

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