The Wedding Markup Myth


I’m going to try to not turn this into a rant on ethics in journalism.  It will be a struggle.  I’m also going to allow the Today Show to be considered journalism for this….when in all honesty, it’s usually just entertainment with a twinge of reality. Which is exactly what I feel the recent Rossen

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About Us

Marriage Matters


We have the opportunity to to work with so many people, creating videos to tell so many different kinds of stories.  While we greatly enjoy ALL of the work we do….the reason we got into filmmaking is weddings.  When you check out our website, weddings make up over half of the content we choose to

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How To's

How to Post a Video on Instagram

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This post is a little more for the other professionals out there, but if you have any kind of business this could come in handy. (Sidenote – if you’re not using video to promote your business yet, you’re missing out on valuable SEO and social media engagement.  Contact us to talk about making your brand

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