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Let’s Talk Winter Weddings | Cinematic, Emotional Wedding Video by MotionWorks

Last year, for the first time ever, we had three winter weddings.  Those three weddings totally sold me on how fabulous it is to have a winter wedding, and I want to see more of them on our calendar.

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Love for Winter Weddings

Here in the north-east, winter tends to be a slow season for weddings.  This means your favorite venues and vendors will have more availability than the summer and fall weddings.  You won’t need to compromise to work with your favorite wedding pros.

Everyone will also remember your wedding because it won’t look like every other summer wedding they’ve attended.  The season allows you to select a completely unique color palette and match it with florals and decor that haven’t been at every other wedding this year.

December Weddings

Courtney and Alex took a month full of celebrations and added one more: their wedding.  They transformed The Greenbrier Resort into their own winter wonderland.  They brought in touches of the holiday with antique pastel ornaments, giant pink nutcrackers, and ALL the holiday treats you can imagine. Lush velvet bridesmaids dresses and soft wraps kept everyone warm and cozy) a look your could never pull off in the middle of summer.  The weather even cooperated by dumping almost a foot of snow on the resort right after the wedding, which meant Sunday morning sleigh rides for everyone!

Best reason to plan a December wedding: it’s already so festive!  Everyone is already in the mood to celebrate, and a wedding is a great reason to bring your extended family and friends together.  Many of them will enjoy spending both your wedding AND the holiday with family members that they don’t make time to see each year.

Plus, many venues are already decorated for the holidays.  If your taste matches theirs, you will save some time and money on decor. Even if you need to decorate from scratch, your family probably has quite the collection of holiday decorations, full of sentimental meaning, and any new decor can be used for years to come in your home!

January Weddings

In January, we were back at the Greenbrier again to celebrate Mary and Austin.  It felt like we had the whole resort to ourselves while everyone stayed warm and toasty with indoor activities.  Mary had sleeves added to her dress to fit the season, which took a beautiful dress to one-of-a-kind stunning.

Best reason to plan a January wedding: what else is everyone else doing? NOTHING.  All of your family and friend will be able to attend because everyone’s calendar is clear for the month.  They’re looking for a reason to not let the short winter days get them down and your wedding is just the thing to raise everyone’s spirits.

Bonus: every year you’ll have an excuse to take an anniversary trip to somewhere warm and sunny too!

February Weddings

For February, we joined Kaycee and Michael at Stonewall Resort for their wedding. Their family and friends partied late into the night, and still went outside to toss some fake snow to close things out!

Best reason for a February wedding: even if it’s not on Valentine’s Day, everyone is in the mood for love.  Nothing says love more than a beautiful wedding.  February (or even March) is a great month if you would like to have a winter wedding, but would also like a little distance from the busy-ness of Christmas and New Years.

Video for Any Wedding Season

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you’re going to want a great wedding video to capture the magic of your wedding day.  We make sure to capture every emotional moment and craft it into a cinematic film that is just as unique as your wedding celebration.  Contact us today to start the conversation about booking your wedding video with MotionWorks Wedding Films. 

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  • What a lovely gift to wake up to this morning. I cant believe it’s been almost a year since Courtney and Alex’s wedding. You did an beautiful job capturing their day. LOVE LOVE LOE it. DeEtte Casey

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