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Let’s Talk About Ceremony Edits | Wedding Ceremony Video

We love creating artistic, cinematic highlight films for our couples.  We also know that your wedding is an event that can not be completely encapsulated into a 5 minute film.  This is why we give all of our clients a Ceremony Edit.

Due to COVID-19 we are expediting delivery of Ceremony Edits to all of our couples.  We know that between travel restrictions, health concerns, and occupancy limits, you may not be able to have all of your loved ones with you on your wedding day.  We are delivering a full Ceremony Edit within one week of of their wedding day!

What Is A Ceremony Edit Video?

Our Ceremony Edits are documentary, non-artistic videos of your wedding ceremony, from start to finish.  If your ceremony is an hour long, then your Ceremony Edit will be an hour long.  If it’s 15 minutes and 23 seconds, your Ceremony Edit will be 15 minutes and 23 seconds.  Unless you ask us to, we leave nothing out.

ceremony video still, bride and groom braiding a unity braid during their wedding ceremony


When watching the samples of our Highlight films, they are very artistic.  We shift time back and forth throughout the day, we use audio from the ceremony and speeches cut together with visual imagery to tell the full story.  We use the very best pieces from the entire day.

Though our Ceremony Edits are documentary in nature, they are still high quality.  We cut together multiple camera angles, using the best angle for each moment.  Just like any film we create, you can expect professionally mastered audio, well-framed shots that check all the boxes for quality video work (proper exposure, stable cameras, etc).

We know that while most of our couples choose to share their Highlight Films with those who attended their wedding and friends and family who couldn’t be there in person, Ceremony Edits are usually viewed only by our couples and their closest family members.  They are meaningful and sentimental, and we feel that wedding ceremonies should be preserved in their entirety.

ceremony wedding video still, young bride and groom holding hands and exchanging vows in a chapel

Every Package Includes a Ceremony Edit

When we first started offering wedding films, we offered Ceremony Edit’s as an add on option.  We quickly discovered that this is something that every couple would like to have as a keepsake, and began including them.  We already film the entire ceremony (in our classic, non-obtrusive fashion), it only makes sense for us to share it with the couple! We don’t share them on our website or make them public online, because we know that for many couples, their full wedding ceremony is a very personal event.  (Though we do have permission to share a few as samples, upon request)

Video for Your Wedding Ceremony

There are a few reasons that we love providing a full ceremony edit to our couples.  First, we know that you have put a lot of time and thought into this ceremony.  From the decor, to the guests you invite, to the messages that are spoken and the vows you exchange, this is kind of what the day is all about.  We know that this is a time of intense emotion, with a lot of things packed into a short period of time, and we don’t want you to miss or forget a minute of it.  Many of our couples re-watch these every year on their anniversary.  Second, this is our opportunity to share video that includes every person in the wedding party, clips of family members being ushered in, and other moments that will only become more meaningful as time passes.  Most importantly, we believe in having an archived account of your wedding vows.  These are some of the most powerful and long-lasting words you will speak in your life. While we do use most of the exchange of vows in our Highlight Films, we believe in providing a full, unedited account of these.

We’ve had couples come back and say that they were so nervous, or so emotional, that they were (both of them!) absolutely sure that the officiant had missed a part, and that they might not be really married!  They were so relieved to watch their films and see that they had indeed said all the words they needed to say to be officially married!

wedding ceremony video still, groom placing the ring on the finger of his bride in an outdoor wedding ceremony

There really is no preparation for your wedding ceremony.  Even people who are practiced at standing up and speaking in front of people can not predict how they will feel on their actual wedding day.  Despite having a rehearsal, or practicing on your own, it suddenly feels like a much bigger deal than you thought it might (because it kinda is!).  Having this video is a great way to be sure you don’t miss a moment of what happens during the one of the most transitory events of your life.

Booking a Film With MotionWorks

Are you ready to talk about booking your film with MotionWorks?  Contact us to start the conversation.  We’re already 75% booked for next year, so let’s get your wedding on the books today!



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