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Kicking Off the Holidays

We’ve spent the past year filming the most important moments for so many people.  We’ve seen couples pledge their lives to one another, babies take their first breath, businesses launch (or take the next step).  And we’ve been with a few in times of loss.  That so many of you would trust us with these moments, that you would invite us into your lives to share with you, it means so much.  For that, we want to say “Thank You!”.  Our lives are richer because of you.

I’m a hard-core “No Christmas before Thanksgiving” person, so for us, all things holiday start today.  We are lucky enough to live close enough to family (though some years, we travel to visit the rest) and will be joining everyone for a big meal this evening.  We’ve basically been relegated to the non-essential Thanksgiving items, which means I get to bring whatever crazy things I want for the meal.  There are basically two kinds of people in the world: those that love Pineapple Casserole, and those that do not.  I think I’m pretty much the only one that lives in the former category in Chris’s family, so I’m sparing them that deliciousness this year and going with a Grape Salad instead.  I’m also taking rolls and the one thing I do make that almost everyone likes: Green Bean Bundles (though I’m totally cheating and throwing everything in a casserole dish instead of the cute little bundles this year).  Past favorites have included this Chocolate Harvest Cake, but this year, Cecelia’s birthday falls very close to Thanksgiving so I let her choose the dessert.  She went with a lemon cake, so I’m going to try this crazy naked cake with candied lemons on top.  If it turns out, you’ll see it on Instagram.

It won’t surprise any of you to hear that I don’t do the whole Black Friday thing.  (We don’t even exchange gifts anymore, we take a family trip instead).  Chris and Cecelia are considering it (no idea why) but I’m going to be sleeping in then hiking.  Opt Outside friends! After that we’ll start seriously decorating for Christmas!

Saturday is one of my favorite days of the holiday season.  First, Marion County has a Historic Homes Tour, which combines three of my favorite things:  history, architecture, and cookies. Then, we like to hit up our favorite local spots (either online, or in person) to support them on Small Business Saturday.  Even if we can’t get to them on Saturday, I have a few favorites that I plan to hit up this holiday season.

The Arts and Antiques Marketplace is definitely on our list.  I follow a bunch of the vendors and they’ve shared some great new items they will be putting out.  Since our studio is right across the street, we shop here year round anyway.  I also plan to stop by Eloquence Antiques and Artisans over the weekend; I’m super excited to see Hoot & Owl’s new stuff.

I’m also in love with the products from Stone House Lavender.  I love to see new businesses start up in my community so I made it a point to try some of their things last weekend and they are amazing.  My only regret is NOT buying the Lavender energy lotion.  I sampled it while buying other things and spent the rest of the day smelling my hands.

Market in the Park happens next weekend, and I already have some products from Paper Hearts Invitations and some wreaths from The Flower Girl on my short list, but I know I’ll see others there as well!

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