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Jacob + Maria | A Summertime Wedding in Morgantown WV

“It is love that makes the impossible, possible”

A Summertime Wedding in Morgantown WV

This wedding was such an emotional one for us.


We have known Jacob since he was in middle school. Jacob and our son grew up together. All of these boys in this wedding party came to sleep overs at our house, or our kid went to theirs.


We watched them grow up into young men, and we saw Jacob’s love story with Maria from the very start. From the very beginning they have been the perfect pair. Maria is incredibly kind, full of joy. Jacob is tenacious (as his dad, Tim says, and it describes him perfectly). He runs full force into everything he does, and does it well. They are both smart and funny, and from the very start this was so much more than just young love.


It was such an honor to be witness to this beautiful day. To watch as these two young people take the next step in their journey together.

Though the wedding may not have looked like what they started planning a year ago, their marriage is exactly as planned: Jacob and Maria, joyously tackling every challenge and hurdle, hand in hand.

a bride and groom walking through the wharf district in morgantown wv
Images by Maryn Graves Productions

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