About Us, Behind the Scenes

Hello from the Motionworks Team!

New for 2016, we’re adding a blog to the motionworks site!  We hope to share with you more of our behind the scenes antics, more stories from our films, along with some tips and tricks from the video world.

You’ll get to hear from both of us.  Rebecca will share more of the heart and soul pieces, and Chris will lend his insight on the technical aspects of making an awesome video.


So, why should you read it?  There are a billion and one blogs out there to capture your interest; why is this one worth reading?

Well, I can be funny.  Sometimes. Or so I’m told.  I used to write a long long time ago, people read it and told me it was good.  I hope that what I’m going to share with you will continue to be good.

Chris is a vault of technical knowledge.  Sometimes I forget that because I live with him and usually only see his goofy side, but then he drops some tidbit of knowledge and I’m like *mind blown*.  The problem is that like any vault, he tends to keep all that knowledge locked inside, but I have convinced him to share it here.

Look for more from us soon, and if you have a blog, we’d love to connect with you there!


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