Backyard Romance Styled Shoot


Backyard Romance Vendor Credits:

Photographers:: As You Are Boudoir & Rocha & Co Photography
Videographer: WV Motionworks
Event Planner & Stylist:: Purple Dress Events
Stationary:: Paper Hearts Invitations
Bridal bouquet:: Gallaway’s Florist
Hair and Make-up:: Ondrea Parsons

Earlier this summer, I was invited to work with a team of vendors on this fun little styled shoot.  Shoots like this are great experience; a chance to try out new techniques and practice new skills.  It’s more than just technical skills that come into play, though.  As a storyteller…if I’m not telling stories, my films are just pretty fluff.  On most wedding days, we know what that story is going to be.  Not just two people getting married, of course that’s going to happen! But their actual story, the unique vision and future of these two people.  We already know what it is because well before the wedding day we’ve met with them, talked with them, learned their history, learned what makes them special.

So for me, styled shoots are an opportunity to craft a story when I don’t have a tidy little spreadsheet of info on a couple.  To observe what is happening, here and now, and capture it in a way that is meaningful.  Zach & Brandy have been married for 3 years; they are fun, and funny, and just comfortable being in one another’s presence.  I hope that this video will be a blessing to them in their marriage.

Backyard Romance Wedding

Styled shoots are also a great opportunity to really work with other vendors.  On weddings days, we get to talk to the wedding planner and photographer.  No surprise, most of those conversations are 100% focused on the wedding we are currently involved in.  Then we go home and work by ourselves in creative isolation to either edit or plan the next event.

For shoots like this, there’s a fair amount of conversation during the planning stages from all vendors involved.  On the day of, you get to talk….like actually TALK…about your real lives, your businesses…to really engage in each other in a way that you just can’t do during a busy wedding day (when you are 100% focused on your client and their experience).  I never even see the florist, the baker, or any of the crafters whose work makes the day so beautiful.  That is really the most fabulous benefit of doing a styled shoot: the ability to connect with other humans, your creative peers, in an industry where we work mostly in isolation.

__asyouareboudoir_asyouareboudoir10_0_lowThis event took place in Liesl’s childhood backyard.  It was great to spend time with her and hear about why this place is so special to her, for all of us to chat and share about the special places in our lives and recognize how important it is to capture what makes them special, so we’ll have it with us always.

This video is what we would call our Love Story.  Maybe you didn’t have the budget for a wedding video, or didn’t recognize its value at the time, but now you’d really like to have a film to tell your story.  Or maybe you do have one from your wedding, but you’d like something new to capture your personal love story?  Newly engaged and want something really special to announce it to the world? Contact us to start the conversation on how we can film your love story.

__asyouareboudoir_dsc9983_0_lowSide note – want to make an introvert, animal lover’s heart happy?  Bring cute dogs to your event.


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