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Augmented Reality Update

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on what we’re doing with augmented reality.

While we really wanted the hyperphotos to work….augmented reality is just so new that the tech we were using (LifePrint) wasn’t stable enough to be reliable.  Thankfully, I’m not the only one that sees the possibility of marketing with augmented reality, so we’ve found a new app to use.

Hopefully, Apple will soon stop playing around with the toys they currently have in the ARKit and some iOS update in the not too distant future will allow the camera to read AR content natively.

For now, we’re going with the HP Reveal app.  If you have one of our cards and want to see the AR content in action, first, download the HP Reveal App in the iTunes Store or on Google Play.  Then follow wvmotionworks to activate the AR content in any of our cards.

If you don’t have any of our cards and want to try it out, let me know and I’ll get some to you! It’s pretty cool to hold a video in your hand.  You can also pull this post up on a computer use the app that way, but it’s not quite as cool as holding it in your hand.

For those of you who DO have our cards and have asked (almost everyone does) we get them through Moo.  Everyone asks because they are awesomely thick cards that feel really nice in your hand.  The quality is super, and I just get the basic paper, no frills, no fancy add ons cards.  If you want frills and fancy, they have that….but even their most basic cards are really super nice.

My absolute favorite thing about Moo is that I don’t have to choose just ONE design for the front of my card.  If I order a pack of 50 cards, I can get 50 different designs.  This means that I can order new cards for every video I make if I want!  Which I do, and they’re all amazing.

So anyway, here’s a little link* for 20% off your first order from Moo, for anyone who wants a really nice business card.  They are not a lost art, and AR technology has the potential to make business cards even more valuable.

And when you’re ready for an amazing video to create your own AR, let me know, and we’ll get started on your film!

*It’s an affiliate link, which means if you order, I get credit toward more cards.  Which I will use for more cards, because they are really awesome.  If they weren’t awesome, I wouldn’t recommend them.


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