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2018 Wedding Trends | WV Wedding Video

It’s always fun to sit down with other industry professionals at the beginning of the year and talk about the trends and new things we’re seeing in our weddings, and what we hope to see more of throughout the year. Here are a few of my favorites!

Drip Cakes

2018 wedding trends
Photo by Ashton Kelley Photography

Okay, first off, let me say that I’ve never met a wedding cake that I didn’t love.  We usually spend a few moments getting some up close details shots of the cake right before the reception starts.  That entails me getting close enough to smell the sugary goodness and really appreciate the fine detail work that goes into these edible works of art. One of my favorites from last year was this beauty, created by Triple Crown Bakery for the AKP Nashville Retreat.  Since it was for a styled shoot, I got to sample it afterward and let me tell you, it tasted every bit as good as it looked.


I might be way off base on this one, but I have been in love with cork for years.  This year, I noticed tons of cork accents in shops in Boston, Portugal, and New Orleans.  In fact, one shop in New Orleans had a cute little sign outside proclaiming ‘Cork is the new leather!”  I’m totally on board for that. I’m hopeful that I’ll see some cork details and textures from some of my favorite wedding designers this year.

Flower Chandeliers

Nothing says ‘dream wedding’ like walking underneath a gorgeous arrangement of blooms.

wv wedding video, flower chandelier, wedding florals, md wedding video
Photo by Shannon Gray Photography
Florals by Anitas Flowers & Boutique
Design by Ella & Company


I know that Ultra Violet is the Pantone color of the year, so I expect to see plenty of that, but recently I asked Allison with Paper Hearts Invitations what she sees as upcoming for this year, and her answer was “Navy.”  As a stationery designer, she’s currently working on weddings that will be held later in the year and is a great person to give a head’s up on what I’m likely to see in the future.  Sure enough, I’m starting to see lots of dapper guys dressed in navy and darling navy accents.


I know what’s you’re thinking “What is this? 1983?” but hear me out!  Though the 80’s are back, I’m not talking about the ultra-structured balloon arch at the entrance.  I’ve been seeing some fabulous balloon backdrops, oversized single balloon accents, and crazy whimsical organically flowing arches.  Pretty much, my mindset on balloons for this year is “Go big or go home!”

A Commitment to Excellent Wedding Video

Social media, and its love for video, has gone a long way toward opening the eyes of engaged couples.  Wedding video can be so much more than a camera on a tripod, seeing so many amazing wedding videos show up in their social media feeds (and occasionally seeing a video feature on some of the top bridal websites and pages) has made couples want more from their video.

For the longest time, the first (and often only) question we would receive upon inquiry was “How much?” Now I’m seeing couples who are sharing their stories with us, saying that they want important moments captured, that they want their stories told.  Couples are asking important questions about the filming process to ensure that the film they get is a timeless heirloom.


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